Baked sirloin, juicy and easy to make

Today we will prepare a recipe for baked sirloin with spices, wine and optionally with meat broth, to better hydrate our piece and give it more taste.

If you decide to use this last ingredient, I recommend preparing it with our recipe for beef broth.

The recipe for baked sirloin steak

To obtain an excellent baked sirloin steak, we will take several measures.

  • La First, it will seal the surface of the meat before baking it. When doing this, the objective will be to obtain a sirloin very well cooked on the outside, but tender on the inside. This will also help us to maintain its hydration, keeping better the juices inside the meat.
  • On the other hand, we will use the spices to highlight the flavor of the meat, without having to cook it with a sauce . What we will do is moisturize it very well, during its passage through the oven, with a little wine and optionally, a little broth.

 juicy baked sirloin cut into slices

juicy baked sirloin cut into slices
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Baked sirloin recipe

Cooking recipe, explained step by step, to cook a sirloin baked in one piece, only accompanied by spices and juices.Then, we will pepper it to taste and add a stream of oil in a large frying pan, to fry it quickly, with the aim of sealing the surface.
  • When we are sealing the sirloin in the pan, it is important that we rotate it little by little, so that it is cooked lightly on all sides.
  • The following will be to pass the sirloin to a large tray or mold suitable for the oven. There we will bathe with wine and broth. If you do not use this last ingredient, then it is recommended to coat the sirloin with an oil thread, so that it does not dry out during cooking.
  • Then, sprinkle with oregano and chopped rosemary.
  • To continue, let's introduce the sirloin to the oven for 20 minutes. Take into account a more or less long time, depending on the power of your oven.
  • Once the cooking time has finished, remove the sirloin from the oven. You can let it cool a bit before cutting it into slices (so as not to burn you), and help you with an electric knife.
  • Tips for preparing the sirloin in the oven

    • This recipe proposes to use a pork tenderloin. However, you can also use beef tenderloin.
    • If the piece of sirloin you have obtained does not match the weight indicated in the list of ingredients, consider then vary the time of baking. For this recipe, we have proposed 20 minutes for a kilo of meat. You can maintain this cooking time for sirloin between 700 grams and a kilo, but if you already roast the kilo with 200 grams, increase it to a half hour. For pieces of kilo and a half, cooking continues until 45 minutes.

    With what to accompany the sirloin to the oven

    Potatoes are the classic accompaniment to a good sirloin oven, and can even be prepared at the same time.

    For this recipe we have not proposed a cooking of potatoes, but we have let it be the meat that consumes all the heat, juices and aromas of the spices But do not worry, because we have many ideas to serve as garnish to this juicy dish:

    • Our baked potatoes, very easy to prepare, very scented and with creative ideas such as, for example, seasoning with Hindu spices.
    • Some home-baked bakers, to vary the usual baked potato garnish, but with its touch of onions, parsley and garlic.
    • Or these potatoes as poor, prepared in the style of our grandmothers, those good recipes of a lifetime.

    If after slicing the sirloin you dare to bathe it with some sauce, we also have some ideas. Of course, it is important to say that this is only necessary if you want to complement the dish, because this baked sirloin recipe does not need any sauce, and can be eaten perfectly alone.

    That said, you can get creative accompanying this meat with a mushroom sauce, roquefort sauce or even with this creamy pepper sauce.

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    Bon appetit.