The Wildest Restaurant Requests: Unbelievable Tales from Customers and Order Takers

Working in the restaurant industry can be a wild ride, with every day bringing new and unexpected challenges. One of the most unpredictable aspects of the job is dealing with customer requests. While most are fairly standard, like asking for a dish without a certain ingredient or requesting a different table, some are so outlandish they border on the unbelievable. From the bizarre to the downright hilarious, here are some of the wildest restaurant requests shared by customers and order takers.

1. The “Well-Done” Steak

One waiter recalls a customer who ordered a steak “so well done that it’s basically charcoal.” Despite the waiter’s attempts to suggest a less extreme level of doneness, the customer insisted. The chef complied, and the customer was reportedly very satisfied with his nearly incinerated steak.

2. The “Room Temperature” Water

A customer once asked a waitress for a glass of water at room temperature. When the water was served, the customer complained it was too cold and asked the waitress to hold it in her hands until it warmed up. The waitress politely declined, citing health and safety regulations.

3. The “Half-and-Half” Pizza

A pizza place received an order for a half pepperoni, half vegetarian pizza. The twist? The customer wanted the pepperoni on the vegetarian half. When the order taker asked for clarification, the customer explained that his wife was a vegetarian, but she liked the flavor the pepperoni gave to the pizza.

4. The “Extra Crispy” Fries

A fast-food worker tells the story of a customer who requested fries that were “extra crispy, like they’ve been run over by a car.” The worker wasn’t sure how to achieve that level of crispiness, but they did their best to accommodate the request.

5. The “No Garlic” Garlic Bread

Perhaps one of the most baffling requests came from a customer who ordered garlic bread, but asked for it to be made without garlic. The waiter tried to explain that garlic was a key ingredient in garlic bread, but the customer was adamant. They ended up serving the customer a piece of toasted bread with butter.

These stories serve as a reminder that in the restaurant industry, you truly never know what to expect. Whether it’s a request for a charcoal-like steak or a garlic-less garlic bread, it’s all in a day’s work for those in the food service industry. And while these requests may seem strange, they certainly make for some unforgettable tales.